Adult Muay Thai

Our Muay Thai class is an introduction to the art of 8 limbs.  A superior fitness tool, highly effective self defense, martial art, as well as amateur and professional sport makes Muay Thai an amazing hobby, suitable for men, women and children of all ages and all fitness levels!


Our members receive their ranks and certificates directly from Muay Thai International Association - Thailand signed by Grand Master Toddy. The certificates recognized by the Royal Thai Government of Thailand. MasterToddy’s Muay Thai system is used in many martial arts schools all over the world.


Master Toddy’s students over the years have included UFC champions Forest Griffin, Phil Baroni, Kit Cope, Stephan Bonner, Tito Ortiz & Randy Couture. In addition, Master Toddy trained Gina Corano to become the first International Woman’s World Muay Thai Champion. Master Toddy has also trainedK1 superstar Bob Sapp, Kevin Ross, Kash Gill, Angie Parr & John Wayne Parr and Lisa King to name just a few.

In addition to helping you learn self-defence, our training is an ideal option for promoting natural weight management. Additionally, you gain confidence and self-esteem because you feel better about the way you look and move. Classes are open to men, women, and children.


No bad attitudes are present in class and none are welcomed…please come excited and ready to learn and we GUARANTEE you will have the best Muay Thai experience possible purely passed to us by the legend of Mua Thai Grand master Toddy.


ZenQuest Martial Arts Club is predominately a class based training facility with a full schedule that features a variety of Muay Thai themed classes. In addition to a broad spectrum of martial arts instruction, the majority of the Muay Thai classes are non-contact. We used a ranking system so you can get better and keep learning new techniques.


We also cater to fighters, so if you are looking to fight in Thailand you can stay, train and fight at Master Toddy’s Gym in Bangkok.