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Ajarn Ali began his study of martial arts in 1984. He has studied the Kyokushin Karate as well as Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. He has 3rd Dan black belt in Karate and is officially a Certified Master Instructor (Ajarn Yai - Level 16) under Great Grandmaster Toddy and Muay Thai International Association.  He is the founder and owner of ZenQuest Martial Arts Club. In 2013, Ajarn Ali was awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award  by Great Grandmaster Toddy, Grandmaster Phosawat Saengsawang, Grandmaster Channarong Suhongsa, Grandmaster Singlong during the Muay Thai Hall of Fame in Thailand as well as Instructor of the Year Award by the Muay Thai International Association that took place in March of 2013 in Thailand. Ajarn Ali was appointed by the World Muay Thai Federation as the Representative for Canada on 2013-2014 . Ajarn Ali awarded the Teacher Title of Ajarn by the Teaching and Heritage Commission of the World Muay Thai Federation.  Ajarn Ali also appointed as the Canadian Coordinator for the Association Institute of Thai Martial Arts (IATMA) in Canada on 2014.  He also is a certified Muay Thai Referee - Class B under the Muay Thai International Association - Thailand.

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