For your first class, make sure you come at least 10-15 mins earlier to fill out a simple application and waiver. Once completed, one of our staff members will show you where the change rooms and washrooms are for you to get ready for class.


Be sure to wear comfortable gym clothes that you’ll be able to move in - we recommend a T-shirt and shorts. All training and classes are conducted barefoot so kindly remove your socks before the start of class. Lockers are provided in the change-rooms for you to store your personal belongings. It is up to the student to provide their own locks should they wish to keep their belongings secured.


For anyone with long hair, we ask that you tie your hair back during training. All jewelry should also be removed prior to class. We highly encourage every student to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the class. A quick bow as you enter the studio floor and you’re good to go!


At the start of each class we will begin with warm-up. Warm-up will typically consist of light cardio and a mix of dynamic and static stretching. Afterwards, all first-time students will be pulled aside to learn the core fundamentals of the eight weapons - starting with the proper Muay Thai stance. In your first class, you will learn the basic punches, how to properly execute the roundhouse kick and the long knee. By the end of your trial, you’ll be able to put everything together into a drill and apply all the techniques that you’ve acquired. We cover quite a lot of techniques during your trial so that in the next class, you will be able to jump right into the group class and build your techniques.


At the end of the each class, we will line up in our ranks and say “wai” to instructors (this is a Thai tradition to show respect to the instructors). We first “wai” to Great Grandmaster Toddy, then to Ajarn Ali and then the Kru & Trainers. In response to each “wai”, the students will bow and say “sa-wad-dee-krap” for males and “sa-wad-dee-kah” for females.